The Weather Is Acting Like a Preteen…Doesn’t Know What It Wants To Do!

So I don’t have a lot of room to complain because I live in Florida.  Due to the crazy winter from up north, we are experiencing very fickle weather.

Here’s my tip for a cute outfit for when the weather decides to be a preteen!


Here, I got a simple top from Forever 21! It’s a light sweater that will keep you warm but not over heat you if the sun decides to come out to play.  Keep the pants tight but stretchy.  I paired the top with a Michael Kors pants.

Here comes the thrify part!

I got the MK pants at Plato’s Closet for $19! The best part was that the tag was still on them (also they were a gift for dog sitting Zoey)!!

This outfit might seem a little simple, but hold on… there’s more! This is where you can get a little funky! SHOES!

Speaking of Zoey, she decided to do a little cameo during this shoot.  I love her but not all dogs are photogenic.  I hope this gives you a MAJOR laugh and also inspires you.






(the best for last!)

Top- Forever 21 16.99

Pants- Michael Kors (Plato’s Closet) 19.00

Shoes- Marshalls 12.99

—> Please send some cute photos of you and your pets so that I an show Zoey how to pose for the camera!<—


Your thoughts....

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